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Top 5 Virtual Event Companies in UK – 2021

In the new normal, live events are a distant dream and participants must find happiness through a virtual realm. While many live streaming applications such as YouTube, Zoom and MS Teams have risen as beneficial transmitters of live event feeds, they fail, however, to fill the gap for full-service virtual experience and platform management. Event Management tech firms have come a long way in addressing these problems by catering services and delivery solutions that allow hybrid event creation and participation with the same fanfare of an actual event. The digitization approach helps these companies extend the scope of their programs and expand into new and wider audiences through web-based streaming platforms while saving on expenses such as venue management, catering and more.

Today, more people are inclined towards these platforms as they are cost-efficient and highly beneficial. Further, the introduction to virtual event platforms is rapidly growing, enabling users from different locations to remain connected through the internet, which has offered flexibility to the users. In this edition of MarTech Outlook, our team has worked extensively in studying the trends of the event management space and identifying those technology vendors with an inert expertise in event management process digitization. The innovative applications allow event organizers to curate any type of event for online streaming and deliver engaging experiences to audiences both live and on the web. These companies offer robust products coupled with innovative strategies that are distinctively prominent in the field.

We present to you MarTech Outlook’s Top 5 Virtual Event Companies in UK – 2021

    Top Virtual Event Companies in UK

  • iVent is rising as the state-of-the-art ‘hybrid platform’ designed for virtual events with ‘sustainability’ at the heart of it. Through their hybrid platform, iVent enables on-line audiences to participate in Q&A sessions and relive live events rather than simply watching a live stream. At the same time, using their advanced virtual platform, the company helps its clients massively reduce the carbon emission generated from a live event comprising air travel, ground transportation, and carbon footprints generated from venues as well. As an upshot of this exclusive mix of flexibility, conducting online trainings, career fairs, or even 3-day climate change conferences—have become easier than ever before

  • Eventsforce


    Eventsforce provides SaaS event management software that allows organisations to run successful virtual, hybrid and in-person events. With offices in London (UK) and Denver (US), its customers span 14 different countries and represent some of the leading names in finance, education, government, associations, PCOs and publishing. Its highly customisable software provides a complete end-to-end management solution that addresses every aspect of the event lifecycle – from event planning, marketing and registration, to virtual content delivery, on-site management, mobile apps, abstracts and awards management, analytics and reporting

  • Grip


    Grip is the leading AI-powered event networking solution for Virtual, Hybrid and In-person events. Grip empower professionals with quality interactions and the event industry with full-cycle support and valuable insights. At its core, Grip's proprietary technology drives intelligent recommendations through its self-learning matchmaking engine. As a multi award-winning global leader in AI-powered matchmaking, Grip pride themselves in being innovators with event success as our primary focal point. Its technology enables a higher return on time for professionals, and a higher return on investment for exhibitors, sponsors and event organisers

  • Hopin


    Hopin now supports virtual, hybrid, and in-person events all on one easy to use platform. Built for events, Hopin makes planning, producing, and reliving event experiences easier than ever

  • JRNI


    JRNI is an experiential relationship management (XRM) platform for scheduling and managing personalized experiences at scale. With apps for facilitating appointments, virtual queuing, and events, plus industry-leading analytics, JRNI helps businesses offer remote and in-person experiences that increase revenue, profitability, and efficiency, build customer relationships, and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty