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Top 10 Event Management Solutions Companies In Europe - 2022

For event planners with no prior experience, arranging a corporate event can be a daunting task; to organise a corporate event, excellent organisational abilities are essential, and these skills improve with experience. However, planning can be enjoyable, and it is pretty satisfying when an event planner pulls off a spectacular event. Whether they prepare a company’s product launch event or host a conference, they will undoubtedly confront difficulties. If not handled appropriately, unexpected catastrophes, scheduling conflicts, and caterer-related concerns can destroy an event. While they cannot anticipate all event-related issues, recognising the most common hurdles faced in corporate event planning is an excellent strategy to be prepared for accidents.

One such typical problem is time management; some individuals believe that event planning is simple and only needs to make a few phone calls to complete all necessary arrangements; however, that is not the case. Event planning is not a task that planners can achieve in two or three days. A successful business event takes time to plan. If one starts planning a few days before the date of a big event, they are bound to miss something important. Even professional event planners start preparing for an event early to ensure nothing gets missed. Therefore, event managers should start planning as early as possible by outlining their goals. Once they have traced the goals, the next step is to prepare a specific timeline depending on those goals.

At this juncture, there is a wide variety of Event Management Solutions Providers entering the industry with a set of advanced and integrated offerings. To help companies navigate through the best-of-breed system providers, MarTech Outlook Europe has compiled a list of the leading players in the field. This edition also offers a combination of thought leadership from subject-matter experts with real-life stories on fostering robust partnerships and exclusive insights from CIOs and CXOs. We hope this edition will provide you with the right assistance in choosing the best Event Management Solutions Providers according to your requirements.

We present to you MarTech Outlook Europe’s “Top 10 Event Management Solutions Providers in Europe - 2022.”

    Top Event Management Solutions Companies In Europe

  • GDS Communication is a technology-driven marketing and communication agency that is empowering healthcare, medtech, and pharma organisations to develop and deploy successful, engaging events

  • Fairkey developed the next level, all in one fairkey expo toolbox to the exhibitors that enable the sales team to send on-the-spot sales materials to the lead, as well as a secure follow-up from the booth at events or tradeshows while speaking with the lead. With an advanced dashboard (can be built on top of the existing CRM system), the Fairkey lead management solution secures analyzing and reporting of data to make key decisions. The generic APIs from Fairkey makes it simple to securely sync new leads, contacts, scheduled meetings, delivered materials, and more to CRM or other Marketing Automation System.

  • Livehouse is a leading Event Management Platform solutions provider specializing in hybrid and virtual events

  • EventMobi's end-to-end event management platform makes it easy for event organizers to plan, promote, monetize and deliver engaging virtual, hybrid and in-person event experiences

  • Tappin develops digital solutions to ease the event organization and help elevate the event experience. Through digital solutions, Tappin is focusing on simplifying the daily life of the organizers and in improving the customer journey though the digital platform for the event. Tappin has always worked closely with its customers in order to understand their needs and see the opportunities for great digital solutions. The company is still basing its development on customer feedback, trends and demands in the event market and are always searching for improvements and new functions.

  • Bluetrend


    The company is dedicated to the design and development of software for web and mobile platforms in the areas of e-commerce, payments, events ( platform) and process management



    Event registration software, which is the basis of Conrego offer, is the answer to the whole range of needs related to event organization and attendee data processing and management

  • Eventboost


    Eventboost is an event management software enabling event & conference professionals to streamline online registration & onsite check-in. Now supporting hybrid & virtual event also.An all-in-one platform to manage: branded email invitation and online registration form, on site check-in, customized badges and much more

  • EventsWallet


    EventsWallet is an innovative SaaS event software for in-person, virtual, and hybrid trade shows and conferences. The platform allows expo and conference organisers to run an effective event by keeping the audience engaged with easy-to-use event management and communication web and app tools

  • Eyevip


    eyevip is the go-to Event Management Software that accompanies you before, during and after your event.Having been designed with everyone in mind – from guests to organizers, eyeVIP is a simple, attractive and intuitive tool